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Annette Marie Stephenson photo about the author

Born in California, Annette Stephenson has created short stories and poetry from childhood. It has been her dream to produce a romantic novel. Her first published book Divided Mountain started as an idea in 2008 and was released in 2021. She is now writing new stories full-time. Annette is supported by her husband, three children and seven grandchildren. Going through tragedies and loss in her own life has inspired Annette to sympathize through her characters. Realistically, she learned to find someone to rely on for strength and sometimes it came from within. Readers can feel her love of family and healing relationships within the pages. Her backgrounds of soft landscapes, majestic mountains, gardens, and colorful sunsets infuse heart into all her writings. Get carried away into the lives of ordinary people who triumph over life's adversities to find happiness.

Meet Annette's inspiration pieces. Her husband drew and painted these because of his love for natural creation. She is moved to create words from his canvas. When they first became friends, he showed her his art collection, which included landscape blueprints, pen-and-ink, watercolors...and she fell in love. Those are some of the things that make up their bond that has lasted 41 years.

Whether you are reading her books on the beach or during a relaxing moment, you will be taken on a journey where deep love holds the key to strength and healing. Annette's books bring out what love can do for the tired soul, mending the wounds of the heart.


About the Author

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