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Beautiful young love story

Divided Mountain

A beautiful love story of a young girl who discovers what true love is. I was intrigued throughout the whole story Many parts were poetic and some of the wording was like dessert. I can't wait to listen to The Landscaper's Wife

Divided Mountain

Annette's books are so beautiful and emotional. This is a book I just couldn't put down. 

The Tree at Lindley Park

There were things in this book that I wasn't expecting. I was totally surprised! I love this book!

Reader Purchased
The Shoe Box surprised me. This was an endearing story. Annette writes like no other I have ever read. Beautiful

I have all her books in my collection.

After finishing her books, I can't wait until the next one comes out. Each book is an adventure and I love the emotion. At times, you will shed a tear.

Romance at its Finest

Anonymous Reviewer

The letters, the expressions, the emotion got to me and I just couldn't wait to turn a page to read more. Annette is a wonderful writer.


Reviewer on Box of Finance

Annette Marie Stephenson's journey as a self publisher author is truly inspiring. Her dedication to writing despite facing numerous rejections and personal hardships is a testament to her resilience and passion. The way she draws from her personal experiences to create relatable and emotionally resonant stories is remarkable. I especially appreciate her clean writing style and the depth of her character descriptions. Looking forward to more of her works!

                                                                                  Lynne Stringer

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