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How far will a man go to give comfort where it belongs?

Ben Michaels is a professional explorer and traveler who lived his life just for the career he chose. When his parents unexpectedly died, he inherited their home and estate. His thought was to renovate it and sell it so he could go back to the life he loved so much. While working on his home, he notices a woman named Kyle Carson who walks a group of dogs everyday in his neighborhood. When she becomes annoyed by the construction noise on his home, she confronts him and just can't get along with her neighbor. Kyle has a good reason why she feels the way she does. She keeps to herself and runs a local kennel she took over that belonged to her father. Her passion for these dogs and the friendship she has with them brings out the curiosity in Ben about her and why she is so reserved. Friendship takes a turn and Ben starts to fall for Kyle. But she can't feel the same way about him. She is keeping a secret from him that could devastate the friendship and love he feels for her. Is he strong enough to to carry her through the hardship she is going through? Will love put aside what the future holds for Kyle? A beautiful, tearful story with heart, love, and the closeness that will overcome any obstacles no matter the consequences.

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