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Double Vision

Double Vision


An obsessive, twisted quest about taking back what was lost.

Maya Tierson is a self made owner of a local nursery who learned everything from her father, Aidan. When she meets a stranger named Webb while on her lunch break, she feels uneasy talking to someone she has never met before. Suddenly, after their awkward meet, strange things start to occur and Maya's world is thrown into the pit of darkness. She suspects she is being followed and stalked by someone who wants something from her. What could this person possibly want from this innocent woman? She hears noises at her place of business after closing, finds someone lurking around her home, and repeatedly calls her phone and request she do as the caller says. In the midst of this terror, someone is murdered. Double Vison is a dark story about mistaken identity that takes the reader on a fight or flight journey through the eyes of an obsessed stalker.

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