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That Summer In August

That Summer In August


Experience the captivating and heartbreaking story of a couple who had a strong love for each other even when the storms blew their way trying to separate them.

This beautiful story about William and Deanna Marcus takes place during the 1940's on a summer vacation where they met. They never believed that what they had was a summer love. In their heart, it was everlasting. When summer is over, they go their separate ways and continue to write letters to each other. But time changes everything when you are young and Deanna chose to go abroad to study the ancient history of Europe. William wants Deanna to come home and have a life with him. She had these goals before she met William and she's not willing to change her plans yet. Heartache comes to the surface when young love is just a memory and choices are made to benefit two people who are still in love though apart.
That Summer In August shows the struggle of keeping love alive and what happens when true love is tested. A touching and tearful journey where finding your true love is worth saving.

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