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The Glass Vase

The Glass Vase


September 11, 2001. The shock was appalling. A city and the world watched terrorists attack the World Trade Center.

Thousands of innocent people lost their lives and many were traumatized. Bailee Collins watched in horror as news reports repetitively showed the devastation. Her sister, Jen, was trapped inside. After her death, Bailee searched out Jen's apartment, finding a glass vase that sat near her window covering a note from Marie, a woman who lives in Normandy, France. It held a deep significance. Bailee learns more about the glass vase and why it had so much meaning to her beloved sister and to Marie. Jen made plans to move to France with Marie to escape a dangerous situation. Bailee, determined to meet this woman, must find why her sister was so troubled. She embarked on a journey to live in her footsteps in France, following the path Jen may have lived if she survived. Along the way, she meets a young pastry chef named Lucas, who taught her the meaning of moving on and finding love. Bailee began to appreciate the art of food and the importance of carrying on after a painful loss. Marie gained a special friendship with Jen and for a good reason. A journal and an unsent letter revealed the hidden pain. Jen kept it to herself and Marie was her saving grace. Bailee discovered something about herself when she had drawn close to Lucas. The Glass Vase is a story about the courage it takes to hold a cherished memory and live past the sadness as strangers come together after a unthinkable loss.

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