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The Landscaper's Wife

The Landscaper's Wife


The continued story of Divided Mountain sets the scene with Kate finding stability with her true love.

With the support of her husband, Garrett, she can focus on her gift of writing. All is good until an unexpected visitor reappears and she is torn between compassion and accountability. Old memories resurface and Kate must make room for forgiveness. That choice separates her from her mother. During that time, Garrett's brother, Callen, develops PTSD from a traumatic motorcycle accident and he must move back home with his parents to get help. How can a young man heal his mental health and gain the love of his father? Callen thinks a new career and a romance will fix what is broken. But an extremely difficult incident causes the whole family to face the fact that no one stands alone when love is important. The Landscaper's Wife tells the tale of one woman's determination to bring a divided family from the edge. Beautifully written and full of emotional drama.

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