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The Shoe Box

The Shoe Box


The Shoe Box is an emotional story about moving on from loss and what a young college professor can learn from a box of old love letters left in her apartment. Beautiful letters that will melt your heart and fall in love.
Sadie Healey is a new college professor just like her parents were. After a terrible loss many years ago, she sees that the spark of love has gone out of them. This has Sadie wondering if love can last through tragedy, When she finds a shoe box filled with old letters, she reads them, gaining a new perspective about what the lovers are going through. Sadie sees the strength it takes to keep love alive even when hardships arise. She develops a friendship with a young man named Zack Monroe. He's a quiet man  who has a secret he is keeping to himself that will affect his friendship with Sadie. After reading the letters, Sadie wants what they had and she hopes to have that with Zack. Just like the lovers in the letters, she has her own challenges to overcome and she will have to trust the man who believes that love is possible even when there is pain. Who do these letters belong to? Why are they in the apartment? The Shoe Box is a story about discovering something new, gaining trust, and the innocence of loving someone no matter the consequences.

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