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What is Under Your Bed?

What is Under Your Bed?


This is Annette Stephenson's first children's book she wrote with her daughter, Kamara.
When Kamara had difficulty keeping her room clean, she wrote this poem for her mother listing all the things kids might hide under their bed as a way to keep things tidy. Struggling to teach her daughter how to clean her room, Kamara came up with her own idea of how to make her room organized and please her mother's wishes. This is a poem about what a child's idea of tidiness and order is. This endearing story was written to help Annette's daughter see that cleaning her room can be fun and an easy way to find things that might be missing for a child's enjoyment. Annette Stephenson is an experienced author who has written several books. With colorful illustrations, this book will please any impressionable child.

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