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The Girl In The Closet

Annette Stephenson

This story deals with the trials and pain of child abuse. It is one woman's journey to recovery while fulfilling her goal to become successful.

Amelia Becker was an only child who was playful and loved exploring the world around her. At a young age, she already knew what she wanted to do with her life, be a writer. But when she is separated from her father, she becomes lonely while taking care of her alcoholic mother, Marley. Amelia was thrown into the world of being a caretaker for her mother and losing her innocence as a child. To hide away from the aches of being unloved, Amelia wrote stories in her closet where she felt emotionally safe. During those times, Amelia was physically abused by Marley and felt the burden of trying to fix her mother's problems. Throughout the years, the control and abuse continued until a traumatic event took place. Marley needed to get help and Amelia gained solace from a young man named Thomas who loved star gazing and the planetary elements.  When he discovers Amelia's talent, he helps her become a published author while developing a strong bond with her. But the trauma still lives within her and now Amelia must get the help she needs to get her life back. Where does she draw the line between forgiveness and resentment towards a mother she once loved? Can a grown woman heal from the bondage of abuse and on the way, help others who suffered just like her? The Girl In The Closet delivers a positive message about healing a broken heart.

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