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The Shoe Box

Annette Stephenson

The Shoe Box will touch your heart as you read every written word from these inspirational letters. Sadie Healey is a professor who followed in the footsteps of her parents. Her family was going through a past painful event that shaped the love of her parents. Sadie felt it was time to be on her own. Upon moving into an apartment, she discovers an abandoned shoe box of old love letters in a cabinet. As she begins to read them, she feels the emotion the young couple goes through. Sadie gets caught up in their love written on paper. She meets Zack Monroe, a quiet man who has secrets of his own. When Sadie has a friendship with Zack, she gathers inspiration from the letters and gets close to him until their relationship is tested. 

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Let your heart explore a book that delivers
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Amazing Reviews 

The Shoe Box has received a lot of praise by Readers and Critics

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