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With twists and turns into the lives of investigators, this book delivers what living on the edge might get you, justice.
London Taylor was an excellent detective and good at his craft. After years of following cheating spouses and looking at surveillance cameras, he lost his love of investigating. He was in a slump and had no idea where his life was going after his parents were killed in a car accident. It was a life that he couldn't recognize. A man who had everything lived in a lonely apartment to avoid the house his parents left him in their will. When a friend suggest he try a new bar a few blocks from his home, London took the time to relax from his life of loneliness. When a woman named Penny Rose, a captivating and beautiful singer fixated her eyes on him, he became curious. When she revealed her secret life, London felt the need to rescue her from a tortured past and her history with Mason Banks; the man who may have taken the most precious thing from her, her father. Sharing endearing moments together, London felt himself falling for Penny. He could see that she was focused on getting justice more than love. Penny risked everything to get her life back even if it meant staring death in the face. Her love of singing would not get in the way of taking down the most hardened criminal and get what she lost, with the support of London. Penny Rose is a thrilling story that you cannot put down.

The chemistry between London and Penny is priceless. I love the banter and the endearing moments they share. I am a big fan of Annette's books.

                       A reader


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