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The Last Memory

The Last Memory


She woke up among the shattered glass. Crawling free from the wreckage, Tess could not remember how she got there. Confused by panic and fear, she was surrounded by the darkness of danger. She stared at the man slumped inside the car. With an extreme loss of memory, everything she built disappeared. She lost her childhood and an incredible list of career accomplishments.
As a young girl, Tess Charlton grew up with the love of uncovering mysterious stories. Becoming a reporter, she gained notoriety in her city for pushing dangerously to find answers. When another young reporter lost his life researching two deaths by arson, she had to get answers as to what happened. Is she the next victim? Set near the town of Julian, California, her journey takes her into beautiful farmlands and orchards. A posted ad outside of a small feed store appeared to provide the cover she needed until she could figure out her next steps. Discovering new things about herself, she searched for the woman she used to be. With the help of a local veterinarian named Kyle, would she adjust and learn to love someone who could see her for who she really is? The Last Memory reveals a woman's struggle to regain what she lost and find what her heart had been missing. Full of twists and intrigue.

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