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The Landscaper's Wife

Annette Stephenson

As a continuation of Annette Stephenson's popular story Divided Mountain, Kate Parker finds stability with her true love. The Landscaper’s Wife is a story about Kate’s struggle to pull a divided family from the edge. She can focus on her desire to write. When an unexpected visitor reappears she is torn between compassion and accountability. Old memories resurface and Kate must decide to follow her heart or make room for forgiveness. Her choice separates her from her mother. At the same time, Garrett’s brother develops PTSD and must move back with his parents. How will he draw close to a father who pushes him away? His new career choice and romance look like the answer. But an extremely difficult event causes a whole family to face the fact that no one stands alone. 

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Amazing Reviews 

The Landscaper's Wife has received a lot of praise by Readers and Critics

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