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The Other Side Of Brook

Annette Stephenson

A touching and heartwarming story about one woman's determination to get answers, let go of her first love and renew her hope. An intriguing story with unexpected twists. Brook is an ER doctor at Cambridge Memorial, dedicated and gifted like her father Bill who worked at the same hospital. Almost obsessively, she pushed herself to give more than average care to her patients. Fearing distraction, she avoided most social and romantic relationships. Her goal as a doctor was all about looking forward to saving lives. At a housewarming party, she meets Jon Daly, an attorney who loves the outdoors as much as Brook does. She likes him, but issues with trust keep getting in her way. He becomes her first love and their devotion to each other is amazing. When Jon unexpectedly dies in the ER on her shift, Brook is distraught, grieving, and deals with PTSD. As time goes by, she tries to heal and meets Kit Baynes, a patient who is injured in a car accident. Brook sees an all too familiar occurrence. Her memory of Jon will not let go of her. Kit sees the pain but is attracted to the other side of who she really is. Brook is afraid to let Kit in when there is so much loss. She discovers a mystery hidden by her mother that creates anxiety and resentment. With these issues, how will this caring doctor move on and give love another chance? The Other Side of Brook is about how we deal with life and death. 

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