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The tree at Lindley Park woman is sitting under a tree at her favorite park bench


Kindle 5.00

Paperback 10.99

The Tree at Lindley Park

Annette Stephenson

The Tree at Lindley Park is a touching and emotional story about regaining love lost and beginning a new life. Where there is hope, there is true love to heal a broken heart. Cara Jo Sanderson was left at a local hospital as an infant. She had been through many foster homes. As a child, she loved to visit Lindley Park, a well-known place that inspired her to capture her art pieces on canvas. Observing closer, she noticed a special tree that had carvings on it. Stumbling upon this tree, she learns of a dark secret. She discovers a friendship with new beginnings. Cara gets adopted by the Saunders family where she must meet challenges that test her ability to heal from the losses she has experienced. Now a young woman, Cara has secrets that have been kept from her. Will these secrets affect her life? Will Cara move on from her past and start to love again? 

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Amazing Reviews 

The Tree at Lindley Park has received a lot of praise by Readers and Critics

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